Signs You Have A Bad Real Estate Agent

Signs You Have A Bad Real Estate Agent

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Real estate agents are self-motivated, driven to succeed in a difficult field of work. They can see the potential in a property that others can’t. For more details on our payment terms and how to cancel, click here.

How will that impact the real estate agent’s career? And while they play a limited role in the mortgage process, real estate agents must be aware of lending guidelines. If you’re taking the time to read this post, you’re probably a good real estate agent. You’re probably passionate about your field, your reputation, and your performance.

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He’s always going to be totally cool, calm and collected. He’ll make sure that you know that just because you disagree sometimes and have a few small arguments, that doesn’t mean he’s going to leave you and never talk to you again. He lets things go instead of making them a big deal because there’s no reason to, especially if it’s something so small. He gets that sometimes couples don’t always get along and that things happen.

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Read client reviews and ask for customer referrals. Do your own research to check out an agent’s claims about the market or the buying/selling process. Ask the agent for a list of recent and past sales. This data should come from the multiple listing service — a database most agents use to market and sell homes.

Check Yelp and NextDoor to find out what customers are saying. You can easily install your real estate yard sign without a complex manual. Most real estate agents choose to use a metal frame or a post to hold up their real estate yard signs in a lawn in front of the property. You might want to run keyword searches online instead, such as “downtown Denver buyer’s agent.” You can also search websites where agents maintain national profiles, such as or ActiveRain. You might be able to find exclusive buyer brokerages that specialize solely in buyer representation. Those brokerages don’t take listings from sellers at all.

A real estate agent’s communication skills can make or break your relationship with them. This is because communication is one of the most important aspects of establishing trust in a relationship . And, whether you are buying or selling a house, the process is likely one of the most expensive you’ll ever experience. So, because of the high stakes, trust is essential. Whether you are buying or selling a home, it’s likely to be one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll ever make, per CNBC. So, it’s important to partner with a great real estate agent.

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You know the realities are a lot less pretty, and that’s OK. There’s you, your main squeeze and the business that’s guaranteed to keep things interesting. The data relating to real estate on this website comes in part from the Internet Data Exchange program of Coeur d’Alene Multiple Listing Service, Inc.

Real Estate Fight Club is a podcast for realtors, hosted by Jenn Murtland from Team Synergi Real Estate and Monica Weakley from My Coach Monica. Tune in to hear two different viewpoints about topics agents face every single day! Jenn’s direct, ‘no holds barred’ approach is in opposition to Monica’s softer, ‘more relationship-based’ approach, and when the two get together… it is a battle for the ages!

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According to Zillow, from start to finish it takes roughly 5.5 months to buy a home, and that’s including attending showings, making an offer, obtaining financing, and closing. If you’re selling a home, you should aim to hire an agent that has strong marketing skills, which are a very valuable asset. You want to attract the right buyers and an agent who knows their way around marketing tactics can make that happen.

If you realize your real estate agent isn’t the right fit for you, you do have options for going your separate ways. This is a relationship, and sadly not all relationships are the right fit. Here’s how to fire your agent tactfully and part ways amicably. No one real estate agent is perfect, and chances are even the best agents will occasionally rub you the wrong way, but in general you’ll want to avoid as many of these red flags as possible. In case you have any doubts, use the following signs as a checklist that can help you stop a bad home selling experience in its tracks.

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