Chiang Mai National Museum Timings, Chiang Mai Location, Entry Fees, Opening Hours, Closing Time

Chiang Mai National Museum Timings, Chiang Mai Location, Entry Fees, Opening Hours, Closing Time

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The modern municipality dates to a sanitary district that was created in 1915. It was upgraded to a city municipality on 29 March 1935. First covering just 17.5 km2 , the city was enlarged to 40.2 km2 on 5 April 1983. With the decline of Lan Na, the city lost importance and was occupied by the Taungoo in 1556. Chiang Mai formally became part of the Thonburi Kingdom in 1774 by an agreement with Chao Kavila, after the Thonburi king Taksin helped drive out the Taungoo Bamar. Subsequent Taungoo counterattack led to Chiang Mai’s abandonment between 1776 and 1791.

Drinking and dining in Chiang Mai’s Nimmanhaemin neighbourhood

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But there are some great finds here, from clothes and scarves to carvings and housewares. At the base of the staircase leading up to the temple, you’ll find vendors selling souvenirs, antiques, and snacks. Brace yourself for the climb because the staircase is steep, but the effort is well worth it. Statues of two demons guard the entrance to the temple precinct. You can reach the temple by hiking up the mountain , renting a motorbike, or hopping into a songthaew . The drive is a short one, so you can do this whole trip in about two hours.

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What makes Bua Thong so special is the ‘otherworldly’ feel you get when first viewed. Ladies feel safer and are, for that reason, more agreeable by nature. Conserve Elephant Structure is also called the Elephant Nature Park. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages are readily available. There is no cover charge, no dress code and drinks prices are affordable. A day here is an eye-opening experience – you get to hang out up close with the elephants, plus discover about their plight.

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