7 Secrets to Making Friends with Dutch Women

7 Secrets to Making Friends with Dutch Women

If a company’s management board and supervisory board consist of just one individual, then that company will be able to set a joint target for both boards. It will then have to draw up a plan of action in that regard. In the included population a median MADM score of 35 (IQR 25-41) was observed, this score ranged from 7 to 42. The median score of the MORi was 75 (IQR 69-78), ranging from 35 to 84. The weighted mean CEQ2.0 was 3.25 (SD 0.53), ranging from 1 to 4.

  • Taller than average men had more children overall, and more children that survived, while shorter men were less likely to reproduce.
  • Dutch women retained their own last name when they married.
  • In a previous study we translated the MADM and MORi according to WHO-guidelines and adapted both measures to the Dutch healthcare system .
  • The Atlantic slave trade was central to the economy and development of the colony.
  • He leads and supports a globally dispersed team of columnists, correspondents, editors, journalists, reporters, researchers, and industry analysts.

The two women documented their research into their shared, painful history for a podcast called “The Plantation of Our Ancestors.” Bouva despairs when she struggles to find details about her ancestors in the national archives in The Hague.

It’s the same with Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party – which is not really a party, more of a movement. He took the word freedom, but what he means by it is that he should be free to do whatever he wants. It’s not that everybody should be free – he denies freedom to people from other cultures. He is pro-freedom, but only for people who think like he does. Both Jonathan Franzen and Geert Wilders give freedom a bad name, which is a pity, because it’s such an important concept.


“Hopefully she can build off her success in both cross country and track and field. We also want to see if she can do something in the mile find more at https://thegirlcanwrite.net/dutch-women/ or 3K indoors.” Karwan Fatah-Black, a historian at Leiden University who specializes in the Dutch colonial era, tells Duin that talking about reparations isn’t just about the money. It’s about acknowledging that slavery has warped society. “For me, as a descendant of enslaved people, it’s about just telling the stories so we all know what the history is — and we all know how it is linked to our current society.” The women travel together to Suriname to visit the old Dutch sugar plantation, now an oil refinery.

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Where it led was to two years of joint research that resulted in a popular, eight-part podcast the women co-produced and Duin hosted, delving into painful issues of the Netherlands’ colonial past that most of the country has avoided confronting. They hope the podcast, which has half-a-million listeners, will help the Dutch acknowledge painful chapters in history and contribute to national healing. “These patterns are long-lived and deeply ingrained in the collective mentality of a country,” de Bruin said, adding that the differences in social organization between Mediterranean and northern European countries are still wide. “If you look at the elderly living in old people’s homes,” she said, “in the Netherlands it’s virtually everybody above a certain age, more than 80 percent, while in Spain its less than 4 percent.” Stulp and his colleagues used a database of information from 168,000 Dutch people gathered between 1935 and 1967, and found that a preference for taller mates did indeed play a part.

So I was planning to write a book about happiness, but then a lot of books on the subject came out at the same time, so I decided against it. I was having lunch with my publisher, and she suggested, “Why don’t you write a book like French Women Don’t Get Fat? That’s also an alliteration.” We had a good laugh about it. I pointed out to her that it’s also not true, though we do score quite well on the happiness scales.

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She eventually finds their first names on colonial-era inventory lists, some “crossed off like objects,” she says, after they died. During a visit to Suriname, Peggy Bouva pours almond syrup from a dried gourd as part of a prayer for Philida, Johanna and Rosalina Bouva, three ancestors enslaved by the Dutch. Bouva spent two years researching her family’s history together with Dutch radio producer Maartje Duin, whose ancestor held stock in the plantation where Bouva’s relatives where enslaved. Part of the reason lies in the social organization of the Netherlands, which offers women greater control over their lives than that of France or Japan. That is because Dutch women, according to a book just released in the Netherlands, don’t get depressed.

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However, women provided feedback to enhance clarity even more by adding examples to indicate what their involvement could be in e.g. decision making regarding childbirth interventions (e.g. pain relief treatment). Therefore, our first recommendation is to explore with women by using qualitative research if future adaptions are preferred to the original items. A second recommendation would be to evaluate the clarity of the separate items of the CEQ2.0, by either qualitative or quantitative methods. A recommendation for clinical practice would be to use the MADM, MORi and CEQ2.0 as an exit survey or in facility quality improvement programs.